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I write about TV, culture, fashion, decorating, and anything else that catches my eye. You can also find me on Just About Write, where I write about TV and do weekly recaps for Hannibal. Besides writing, I do fashion styling/personal shopping and interior decorating.

If you’d like to hire me for freelance writing, styling, or decorating, please email me at raesdays {at}

I have a newsletter I send once every week or two, and it is a quick and fun way to talk about what I’m reading/watching/shopping for, and who I’m shipping. It’s a chill run down of stuff I’m talking about each week, and I’d love for you to sign up to get it straight to your inbox.

You can also tweet me any time @rclnudson, or find me on PinterestGoodreads, and Instagram. E-mail me (often) at raesdays {at}

Please also check out the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult Podcast that I do with my friend Jewels, where we talk about never having it totally together, but faking it anyway.

If you’re poking around, please check out some of my favorite posts:

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