countdown to moving day: 11 days

Pretty soon I’ll be leaving my apartment. Affordable and cute, it was the perfect place for my first apartment, and I’m quite certain I’ll never find another like it. It was exactly what I needed when I moved in two years ago–I’m sad to leave it. But I am excited for a new place and new opportunities.

I’ve been checking out catalogs and design books for new ideas on decorating. For the kitchen and living area, I think I am going to stick with the colors I have now. Which is, well, white with bright color accents. But I am really excited about the idea of merging modern design with different textures you might not associate with a modern look–like knitting and crocheting. I love the idea of making a lot of things for my new place myself, and taking the time to find some really fun, bold, pop culture-y decorations.

things I want to make

Follow my brainstorming on Pinterest and Instagram @raenudson. I can’t wait to get started! But I must because my knitting needles are packed away.

2 thoughts on “countdown to moving day: 11 days

  1. Nancy says:

    I wish you the best on your new adventure. You have grown up tastes now and I am sure you will make it lovely. Enjoy that bedroom. Erin is taking advanced knitting classes but I don’t know if she can help with those skein prices.

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