Apparently there are almost no weeks I don’t find something interesting on the sidewalk—this time a cute note. I also got a cute note, but mine came in the mail. Cisco and I both relaxed on the weekend, him on the couch mixed up in my tape measure, and me in the park. And with some hard work this little bit of knitting became this iPad case/clutch. You can check it out on Etsy, and I’ll post what you could wear with it tomorrow!

french press

Finally, after much jealousy and tales of delicious hot and iced coffee, I came to my senses and got a French press. And it does not disappoint. 

But before I get to the iced coffee, let’s start with the ice cubes. I put raspberries in mine.

Once that was done, fill it up with water and freeze. I also made some ice cubes out of coffee, so that way my iced coffee wouldn’t be watered down. 

Once the ice cubes are in the glass…

Fill it up with the delicious coffee your french press has been brewing in the fridge. For the coffee, I used this recipe from Food 52. Put coffee, cinnamon, and water in your french press. Let it sit overnight in the fridge and then press down in the morning and pour into your cup with berry and coffee ice cubes. 

The raspberries add a lovely flavor and the coffee cubes keep it strong. Add milk or sweetened condensed milk as you like, and that’s it. The best iced coffee you can make at home. 

I’ve been making hot coffee as well, with the same recipe (minus the ice cubes). It’s been amazing. Got any French press or coffee tips? Let me know!


I’ve been interested in the idea of midriffs but not really confident enough to completely pull them off (blame @oscarprgirl, she kills it in a midriff). This was my experiment with the idea. I’ve worn this shirt many many times before for work and for play, but I’ve never worn it quite like this. I just tied a knot in the front, and then threw on a high-waisted skirt so I wouldn’t actually be bare. Shirt is DKNYC, skirt is American Apparel, shoes are Loft, clutch I made myself.

The weather was beautiful and I was able to catch up with a few friends at a happy hour this week. I ran late and ran short of dry shampoo so running baby powder through my hair worked its magic. I also made some progress in knitting, but it never goes as fast as you’d like, does it? On the sidewalk I found one page of what looks like a script for a play. And on the weekend I relaxed with coffee and #fatcat just relaxed.

My hair today. I ran out of dry shampoo so I used baby powder. Came out ok though.