#fatcat took a very long nap this weekend and was very blob-like in the process. Also this weekend I made Pioneer Woman’s bruschetta and it was delicious. I forgot to get crusty bread at the store so a bagel did in a pinch. I went to the eye doctor after I had some trouble reading the display signs at the museum last weekend. So I got new glasses! I was also told to probably not read for so many hours in the day without taking a break, whoops. In the park, some sidewalk men try to hold hands. Or, you know, it’s sidewalk paint to show where people should walk. Also, the lake was looking particularly lovely. 

I hope your week was great! To see more snapshots during the week, I’m on instagram as raenudson.

back to work

The past weekend was really fun, but work has definitely kicked up a notch this week. To keep my spirits up, I threw a few of my favorite things into one outfit. 

Chambray! Again. From Lands End. Skirt from Zara, sweater from Uniqlo (50% off heyyy), necklace from Dannijo, shoes from JC Penny. Belt from Old Navy. I think I’d like to add some jingly bracelets to this look, but I can’t wear too many at work or they jingle too much when I type. Also, you can’t really see them, but my nails are orange. Which I liked.

Snapshots! It’s been a busy week guys. Good thing I have an Alexander McQueen souvenir to keep me company at my desk at work. My friend Anna came last weekend and it was really fun. We saw city from the Staten Island ferry. #fatcat was busy this weekend, too. He found a new place to hide. And any weekend to New York isn’t complete without a delicious brunch. We also went to the Met! And took a late night train ride home from dinner and a show. 

Today’s look includes blazer from Uniqlo, shoes and skirt from Zara and top from a cute store in Columbia, Mo., that I can’t remember the name of. So glad it’s Friday, am I right?

books + fashion

So you all know I read 50 Shades of Grey and didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would (for my thoughts on the book, see here). And just to reiterate that you can use critical thinking and find inspiration in just about anything, let’s use the book to find some outfit inspiration. 

In the book, Ana borrow a purple dress from her roommate (you know, because Ana’s too smart to care about clothes and anything that’s not old English literature), and Hot Billionaire ends up quite liking it on her. Here’s how I might style a purple dress for Ana on days when she’s being a normal 20-something and not going on really expensive dates with the city’s hottest bachelor. I’d put her in flats because this girl just does not seem like she’d be comfortable in heels. And you know what, that’s totally ok. Play to your strengths and what makes you comfortable. These flats are from Madewell and I love them. Dress is J Crew, sweater is Jonathan Saunders, earrings are Dannijo (you know, she can’t completely give up glamour), and clutch is Rae’s Days. I think it’s so perfect for her because she loves to read and works in publishing. 

And for when she does have a really expensive date with HB? Why not hint at that sexy bondage stuff the book alludes to so much. Add a corset belt, shoes from Louboutin, bracelet from Asos, and McQueen lookalike clutch. Dress is L’Wren Scott. 


I’ve been posting some tidbits here and there, but now I am so excited to announce that my zipper bags can be found at Second Chapter Books in Ligonier! 

My wonderful friend Jewels (you guys know Jewels, right? She runs a cool cooking blog) was using some bags she got from Rae’s Days on Etsy, and a very nice bookstore owner in her town saw them and took an interest. Jewels told her all about me, and, a few weeks later, they are ready for sale at Second Chapter Books. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this opportunity, and it was so fun to work on this order and see them in a brick and mortar store. If you are in town, please stop by and check them out!

If you aren’t in great state of Pennsylvania, you can always check out Rae’s Days on Etsy


I always like when people post some of their pictures from the week, so here we go. 

  • #fatcat was being really cute this week. Obvs.
  • The flowers outside of my office are gorgeous! 
  • I went shopping! These are my new shoes from Zara. Also, if you were curious, that’s what the floor of our elevators look like.
  • The view up from a bench across the street from my apartment. I always have trouble spelling the word “across,” does that happen to anybody else? 
  • My friend Jewels was kind enough to send a picture of my bags in a bookstore in her town of Ligonier! If you are in town you should stop by and buy one.
  • There was a lot of pink in my apartment over the weekend—thread, nail polish, fabric

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If you want to see some snapshots in real time, follow me on Instagram at raenudson!