So I don’t know about you guys, but our weather has been incredible. And it’s got me really ready to try out some spring trends. Like the maxi dress. And floral. So I got active with my imagination, and the awesomeness that is Polyvore, and came up with some ways I could wear those trends to work. 

This might not work in every office, since a long skirt sort implies really fancy or really casual, at least to me. But if you feel comfortable wearing it in your office, I think a simple tank and blazer would really make it sharp. Add a gorgeous statement necklace and neutral bag, and I think you’d be good to go. 

Floral seems to come up every spring, but I love the way the blush shirt looked with the colors in the skirt. It’s a very feminine look, but still very together and professional. 

Just because you have to wear professional attire, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in trends. It just means you have to adapt them to what will work for you and your environment. 

This week, you all have voted on my Etsy products in March Madness. Thanks so much for voting, we had some really close votes! But the final winner is….

The Harry Potter-inspired tote! You can order yours here. I’m in the process of making more, so don’t worry, they won’t run out. Thanks for voting! Tomorrow, I’ll post some ideas of what to make next, so check back and help me decide! Actually, you will completely decide. Whatever the winning idea is will be the next bag I’ll make. 


We’ve had some spring-like weather in the city the past few days, and it has been amazing. In that spirit, I dressed up a bright polka-dot dress for work with a blazer and some tights. 

And if I were to go casual? I might try adding some of these accessories from Madewell.

And now for round two of Etsy accessory week on March Madness! It was a tight race, the zipper bags were tied for most of the day. But the finalists are…

Pick your favorite, and check back tomorrow for the winning bag! Thanks for voting!

March Madness, week two

Hey guys hey! I hope you had a good weekend. 

Fat cat did, but when doesn’t he have a relaxing weekend? 

Welcome back to the work week with week two of March Madness on Rae’s Days! This week, it’s Etsy products. Please, please, tell me what you like. We’ll do two rounds of bags that are already up, and then vote on the next one I’ll make! I’m really excited about this, and I hope you are too. Here we go!

Zipper bags are handy, right? Which of these two do you like?

And you gotta carry your books, so whether you have a kindle or a hardback, which do you prefer?

Thanks for playing! Winners will be announced tomorrow in round two


Remember that hat I made over the weekend?


Bag is Clare Vivier, blazer is Asos. Hat I made myself!

Confession: I think I look silly in hats, so I don’t wear them very often. I think a lot of people think they look silly in hats, but have you ever seen someone wearing a non silly hat and thought, “wow they look silly”? I bet not. I bet you think everyone else wearing a hat looks perfectly normal. Like a person, wearing a hat. So I decided it was time to apply that logical thinking to myself and just assume I look normal, even if I feel strange because I don’t wear them very often.

And you know what? It was lovely. And it was warm. 


Thanks everyone for voting this week! The winning look of the first week of March Madness is ….

Chambray from Land’s End, striped shirt from Topshop, pants from Gap, bag from H&M, necklace from Hester Street Fair (that’s an actual street fair on the Lower East Side), watch from Target. If you’d like to shop the look, check last week’s post for some tips. 

I love this look, and I love that you guys love it, too. Thanks everyone so much for taking the time to read and vote—it means a lot!

midweek inspiration

Happy Wednesday! My cool friend Anna sent me this article from Interview about Sarah Burton. She is amazing. Here, she talks about McQueen:

“And I think he sort of trained us all — trained me — to try to tell a story and to find a world that doesn’t necessarily relate to what everybody else is doing and to believe in your own instincts”

“Lee taught me that if you don’t believe in it, then you shouldn’t do it because you can’t stand behind it.”

“He made you challenge yourself all the time, which is why I loved working for him. Nothing was ever impossible. And that was amazing to be around. Completely inspiring.”

“I do think that Lee always surrounded himself with very strong women. How he cut for a woman, made for a woman, accentuated all of a woman’s shape—it was about the extreme accentuation of a woman’s shape. It’s always about strong women here.”

And with that, here’s the final round of the first week of Rae’s Days’ March Madness! The two finalists are stripes with chambray and my favorite silly sweatshirt. Thanks everyone for voting this week — we almost have a champion! Click through to vote, and check back tomorrow for the winning look of the week.

on the commute

Sometimes it’s not about going anywhere after work, it’s about getting to work. Here’s what I wore on my commute.

And here’s what I wore at work.

Start with some good basics. Then I added boots (they are always warmer), a sweater, coat and scarf. I also had gloves and hat in case it got really cold. And if I whether I was inside or outside, I liked my look. And that’s pretty cool.  

And, now, for day two of March Madness. Click through to see what won from yesterday and vote in round two where the winners go up against each other!

march madness

Welcome to Rae’s Days’ March Madness! For the next two weeks, we’ll take a look at Rae’s Days and vote on your favorites. See real-live looks and Etsy accessories, choose your favorite, and see how it stacks up against the competition. 

This week, it’s some day and night looks. Check back tomorrow for the winners, and round two. See any favorites? Time to choose!

Which look with my fave striped shirt do you like best, with polka dots or chambray

And how about colored tights? I wore the black and gray to the office party, and explored with winter whites in the all-white look. Which one do you like best? 

We’ll also take a look at style on the feet. Which do you like better, the sweater and skirt with the leopard booties, or the pants and silly sweatshirt? 

I told you when I got this green skirt on sale. So which is your favorite, with a light, patterned top or some muted color blocking

I made a hat today. Get ready for March Madness tomorrow!

one shirt, five ways

You thought we were done with this shirt, didn’t you? For the record, if chambray isn’t your thing, try any of these with your favorite button up and see what happens. Here’s all the ways I’ve worn it, with one new one look.


This is what it’s all about guys. Try new things! Have fun! You’ve got lots of ways to play with what’s already in your closet. Over the next year, I hope I have 50 looks with this shirt. (I’ll keep you posted, duh)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Next week I’m starting my own March Madness right here on Rae’s Days. So check back and vote on some looks and Etsy products!