Remember what I was knitting? This is how it turned out!

I like the surprise of the yellow, and I think it came out an interesting pattern. Here’s the whole look running errands over the weekend.


Remember when I created some looks based on White Christmas? Well I found my own very similar green skirt—on sale!

Unfortunately I don’t have that gorgeous yellow to go with it, but I do have tights in that maroon. Anyway, here’s how I took it to work using neither of those colors.

And here’s how I made it decidedly inappropriate for work. Check out the cool detail of the slit that has a zipper! I can make it as demure or as scandalous as I want.

I’ve been wanting some colored and patterned skirts lately so I can mix things up. I’m glad this worked out at a cheaper price. I think it could go with tons of things! What would you wear with it?

I love this. First of all, if you haven’t checked out nicoleloher, you should. She’s really great.

Second of all, I absolutely feel this way. I can tell you exactly what I was wearing on Sept. 11 (a purple sweater and khaki skirt) and what I wore to my best friend’s father’s funeral (a black wrap dress). And I can tell you that I’ve never worn those outfits again after those days. I can also tell you I especially like wearing a certain Mizzou sweatshirt because an old love said he liked it on me. He probably doesn’t even remember saying it. But on the most heartbreaking days, and the sweetest, and the ones in between, clothes are how you armor yourself to get through it all. And sometimes the memories stick, you know?


Nostalgia with photos; Nostalgia with clothing

This sort of this is always really difficult to talk about. You either get it or you don’t. My life has been moving so quickly over the past few months, jumping from one project to the next, I haven’t really had the time to “sit down and reflect” on how things are actually going. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong. However, for the first time since the pace has picked up, I’m actually feeling a bit of achy nostalgia and wishing I could go back in time. I look at the photos Noah took of me for Rugby and they were simply amazing. The smile I flashed to the camera for this photo was a genuine smile – I was so happy. Today I came across the shirt I’m wearing in the photo but in my own laundry. I will never be able to get rid of it because of the emotional sentiment that comes along with it. “Rugby gave me this. Noah shot me in this. I battled a snowstorm in this dress.” It’s a weird feeling to look at a piece of clothing in a basket and feel something that I’ve only ever felt with photos – that achy nostalgia. Maybe I’m alone in that, but who knows.

I’m hoping that neon accessories never die, so here’s a sneaky sneak peek at some knitting I’m working on. A very pretty blue and a very bright yellow will hopefully decorate my neck very soon.

winter whites

We’ve gone over this before, but white isn’t just for before Labor Day. It can make a statement any time.

How would you take this look out of the office? Maybe with some attitude?

Also, I’m on Bloglovin now, if you are too, check it out!

long sleeves

I’ve been digging this look lately. And since it’s winter, there really couldn’t be a better time to play with long sleeved dresses. Add some tights and you have a stylish, warm look that can be demure or playful depending on how you wear it! Here’s a few I came up with on Polyvore.

What do you think? Show me yours?


So part of being kind is mailing people things, right? So this weekend I was able to put together a little kit to help me stay on the ball when it comes to things like cards and birthdays and just-to-say hello notes. I read this in a magazine or book somewhere a very long time ago and unfortunately can’t remember where, but the gist of it is to create folders for each month and fill with the cards you’ll need to send that month.

So, I took some manilla folders and created one for each month and listed birthdays on them. Then I filled these folders with some cards. That way, when the time comes, you’ll be ready to mail! All I need to do now is get enough stamps, so I don’t have to be worry about getting anything later. If you have extra cards, keep them with your envelopes for new friends you’ll make this year. I am storing the folders in a magazine box on my desk.

And if you’re lucky enough to be in the same city as the birthday celebrator? Pick up a card and carry it with you to the party while you’re wearing a killer, classic look like this.

Just don’t look better than the birthday boy or girl.

new year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! I rang in the new year with some lovely ladies in lovely New York. Do you do the resolution thing, what are yours? Here’s a few of mine:

save more money
be kind
be fearless, in style and otherwise
but accept myself.

To me, being fearless doesn’t mean doing everything. It means going after what you want, and saying no to what you don’t. Did you guys know I will likely never be the last one to leave a party? I love having fun with my friends, and I also like sleeping. Sue me. Also, I will probably never like putting away clothes, which makes things terribly messy when I can’t decide what to wear. And you know what? All those things are ok; I’m accepting them.

To celebrate one of the loudest nights in New York, and the resolution-making, I combined my new chambray shirt with an old party dress.

The topknot was a perfect setting for the New Year’s crown I got later that night. And here’s how I wore it hanging out with friends when I was home over break.

I’m really liking playing with the texture of this shirt, and I hope you don’t get sick of how many ways I’ll try to wear it over the next few weeks. None of these are traditionally office appropriate, though I think the more casual look could definitely work in a more casual work environment than mine. But I’ll show you some work looks, well, as soon as it’s cleaned and ironed.

Hope your new year is off to a great start! Tell me all about it, por favor.