I’ve been pretty busy the past few days working on something I’ll hopefully finish and show you this week. But here’s what I’m sporting today. The best part of this look? I noticed a weird splotch on my sweater this morning, and my vest thing covers it up. Dress to your advantages, people. Happy Tuesday.

more chambray

This post is titled More Chambray, but it could just as easily have been Can You Be Professional In A Mustache Necklace—the answer, I think, is yes—or Sorry I’m Not Sorry My Belt Is Brown And My Skirt Is Black.

I’m still into this chambray, and I’ve dressed it up and down here. What do you think? Can you take that casual fabric to work? 

(I’m not sure why everyone is hating on nude tights. Sometimes I get tired of so much color on my legs, but it’s still winter, and I’m not crazy. So nude tights it is. Also I think this look would be a great opportunity for a bright red lip.)

When there’s snow on the ground, I usually turn to my rain boots that look like real boots. Here I paired the chambray with my dark denim and hoped it wasn’t too jean on jean, even though that’s sort of almost exactly what it is. Also threw on my handmade scarf, just because I could.

Thanks errbody. Hope you make it through your Thursday ok. We’re almost there!


Earlier this week, I made some looks in my fantasy closet featuring patterns. If you’re new to mixing patterns, or like the idea but just think its too crazy, I would recommend starting small and keeping it professional. Like this.

(Shoes are from Target, pants from the Gap, shirt from Topshop, blazer from my mom’s closet, clutch from Kate Spade.) 

Stripes and polka dots may be a little zany, but nothing is more classic than black and white. Just two patterns, and two colors. But still fun, I hope. Throw in a sparkly clutch and you’re good to go! Which, you know, is sort of my answer for everything.

I had pined after that clutch for weeks until I scored it on sale from Kate Spade. Don’t you love when things like that work out? A friend of my had a similar experience with Jack Spade. (Have you guys seen Jack Spade? I don’t care if it’s for boys, I want it all.) 

Here are some stripes and polka dots I wish I could wear. You know, for inspiration. 

I got a little carried away.


I, along with the rest of the United States, has caught up with and fallen hard for Downton Abbey. And not only because it produces blogs that match scenes with Beyonce lyrics. Also because the styling is pretty great. Ok, ok, also because the story and characters are awesome, but c’mon. On last night’s episode, Mary was wearing some pretty stellar skirt-blouse combinations. One that particularly caught my eye was a lovely patterned blouse and long skirt she wore at the end of the episode. So, with that inspiration, here are a few patterns, but with a modern spin. 

If I were going to do this in real life, I’d probably wear the exact same look I posted last week, with my new green skirt. 

I really liked this when I put it on this morning, but now I’m not so sure. Either way, it’s Friday and soon I’ll be at happy hour. Cheers!


I’ve been searching for a new wallet. I want one that zips all the way around, is large and long, won’t show dirt, and is in my price range. My price range is a price that doesn’t make me cringe. But then, I got this cool new book

And it has instructions on how to make your own wallet! I don’t think I have the skills to put a zipper around the whole thing, but the example in the book has a cool button. So I’ve got that going for me. It looks like a cool project within my skill level. And if I don’t want to spend the money on the designer wallets I’m longing for, why not have some fun and make my own to use for a little while in the meantime? I’ll keep you posted.


In other things-I-bought-that-I’ve-written-about-before news, I found this sweet long-sleeved mini on sale, too.

Cute, right? Now, I wouldn’t wear this to work. It’s too short to be in an office, I think. Any office. But, if you want, you could layer up, and no one would even know the difference.

Remember, work is about covering up. If you’re unsure about the length, don’t try it. But with the addition of an easy layer, this dress becomes a structured look that has a little bit of an edge without being inappropriate.