Since I did not go to homecoming at what I’m sure was the best homecoming ever (big tears), I started some handwarmers.

It was pretty awesome.

casual friday, and new outfit no. 3

My office doesn’t really do casual Fridays, but if we did, and if my place of work was down with silly sweaters, this is what I would wear:

Betcha thought that dinosaur sweatshirt would never see the light of day, huh?

For night…I would not change a thing. Or, you know, put on some sweatpants to go with that sweatshirt.

Happy weekending! (Sweatpants wearing or otherwise)

warm up

The weather has gotten a little cooler, and I can’t take my eyes off The Purl Bee. The result is a deep desire for all things knitted—there are so many projects I want to try!

I’ve been talking about handwarmers forever, and still haven’t made myself a pair. But this inspiration for some killer gloves…

plus this tutorial for colorblocked handwarmers, it has me maybe thinking I can do it? Maybe? I have the yarn, but need the right needles and probably some serious help. But think of the warmth! And the layering! Plus they’re just cute, right?

Right? Tell me at raesdays@gmail.com, @rclnudson, or on Facebook.

new outfit dos

I don’t know if you know how much I love color blocking, but I love it. I’ll demonstrate.

For day, I paired my blouse with a pencil skirt, and added some more color with my necklace and shoes. Office ready? I think so.

For night, I clashed in a great way. Again, don’t listen to those rules that say you can’t wear red with pink, or pink with pink, or pink with orange, or what have you. Clashing can be cool. So, I switched the pencil skirt for something a little hotter and changed my bag for another with even more color. We’ve had a few unseasonably warm days, but if it’s to cool for bare legs where you are, just add some tights to this look and you’re good to go to any party the night takes you.

Have fun! Add color!

A word on Miu Miu

This picture from The Cut blog perfectly demonstrates my like/dislike for the Miu Miu booties. The shape is gorgeous, the design…well, not my fave. And when done wrong, it’s so wrong.

new outfit uno

Real life day and night, birthday dinner style:

This is what I really wore to work.

And this is what I really wore to a friend’s birthday dinner:

Pretty similar, just switched work pants for jeans and lost the blazer—it was warm outside! Am I the only one who wears dresses as shirts sometimes? Today, it was a shirt. Tomorrow, who knows. I also used my gray clutch, but forgot to put it in the picture, oops.

happy columbus day

I don’t have work off today, but I hope you do. I also hope you can take advantage of the crazy Columbus day sales.

These are some things I bought this weekend! I’m pretty excited, and think that all of these pieces (ok, not the dinosaur sweatshirt) could be great for work and for fun. I’ll show you the outfits I come up with this week. In the meantime, have a great Columbus day!

Want to show me what you bought? Hit me up at raesdays@gmail.com, @rclnudson, or on Facebook.

pattern fun

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I am having fun with patterns. For work, I keep the pattern to my shoes:

and for play, I pile on the patterns everywhere:

It’s Friday, go crazy!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, with many versatile outfits. If you need me, you know where to reach me! (On Twitter, duh)

nail polish

To me, nothing says “I have my life together” like having perfectly manicured nails.

I have perfectly manicured nails about 5% of the time. But, I think that pretty, put-together detail can be really nice, and really professional.

For the office, I’d stay away from sparkles and anything too bright. These are vacation nails, they are for your vacation.

But I do think you can wear bright and nontraditional shades at work. My advice is to keep your nails short, so a burst of color isn’t overwhelming. (Also, long nails bother me when I type.) And keep them looking good—chips are never classy. You might also think to stay away from extremes. Instead of neon pink, how about bubblegum? Instead of black, why not gray or navy blue? If you want a yellow in the office, make it muted instead of highlighter.

Some of my favorite colors for fall that I own:

From left to right: Essie Vermillionaire, OPI Siberian Nights, OPI No Spain No Gain, Essie Chinchilly, OPI Russian Navy, OPI Pamplona Purple.

Some colors I want to try this fall that I don’t own: Forest green and beige. Once I try these, I will, of course, report back.

Oh also, pro tip: you know that moment of dread when you get the first chip in that manicure you just paid for? Avoid that by taking your own polish to the salon. That way, if it chips, you can touch it up and move on with your day. (my mom taught me that, thanks mom!)

***EDIT: Another pro tip, from my friend Anna! Paint a topcoat of clear coat of polish on each day. That way, when your nails start to chip, it chips the clear instead of the color. Thanks Anna!***

My nails right now? A dark purple, the OPI Siberian Nights (and yeah, they’re chipped). Got a color you love? Tell me at raesdays@gmail.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter!


I have a thing for colored pants. I want a pair. Just about any color will do, but I’ve been infatuated with red pants as of late. So I took this pair, dove into my fantasy closet, and chose about a thousand tops you could wear with them. Each top provides a different look and attitude, for day and for night. These red pants can go with just about any trend: color blocking, sequins, knits, polka dots. And we haven’t even started on accessories. One of the biggest points I want to make here—and by here, I mean on the internet and specifically on this blog—is that we have limited amounts of clothing we can buy, so buy what you love and and you can make it work for (almost) any setting.