I would like to thank Marc Jacobs for making polka dots cool again.

You’ve seen my blazer, here’s a skirt

Polka dots at work people. Let’s do this.

Any other patterns you thought you had to leave in your childhood? Bring them to work by making sure your shapes are classic.


I tried to reblog this, but couldn’t work it out for some reason. But this is from one of my favorite people to follow on Tumblr and Twitter, Teen Vogue beauty editor Eva (follow her!)

hmmm, let’s put it this way. when I was renovating my apartment, I sent some revisions to my architect who called me, somewhat alarmed, to ask, “Eva, there must be a mistake. you’ve indicated that you want the closet to be bigger than your kitchen & bathroom?” that would be correct. so, long story short, my closet is quite large (for New York, at least). it’s a walk-in. and I may or may not have a separate storage unit so that I can rotate clothing based on seasons ^.^

One day, I hope to have that exact same answer when someone asks me about my closet. But for now, I am merely human. A human that lives in Brooklyn, in a studio, with small amounts of money.

I don’t even have a closet. Not one. Not for coats or brooms or towels or anything. So over time I have accumulated some furniture and organization tactics, and came up with something I am finally satisfied with to hold my clothes and many many accessories.

One thing that took me a long time to learn is the way you keep your things can really improve your quality of life, and the quality of the the things. (I’m sure there’s a more concise and clever way to say that. I’ll work on a slogan later). It really sunk in one day when I was running late for work and searching through a bin of shoes to find a matching pair. Any matching pair. And when I realized my purse looked a little bit squashed since I used it last season. So I splurged on the bookcase I had been pining after for months, filled it with purses, scarves, and boots and finally put together that shoe rack for under my clothes, and things improved immensely.

These are just some ideas, and a way that works for me in my tiny space. It will be different for you. Bag Snob Tina stores all her bags in boxes, with pictures on the outside. What do you do? Tell me on Twitter or Facebook! Or email me at I’m in the process of cleaning out some of my closet, so more on that to come as well. Happy organizing!

more clutch

Day to night, new clutch style

As promised, a professional look with the clutch. Dressed up with some pants, red shoes, and a sweater over a button-up, you can go to work with a daytime clutch and not look out of place.

A closer look at my accessories (yikes, that top knot looks a little lopsided):

We got bracelets, we got watches, we got necklaces and we got PS I Made This’ hair comb!

To take this look from day to night, I just switched the bottoms to something more casual, easy peasy.

Enjoy your day, and daytime clutches!


I’ve seen these bags around but hadn’t learned who made them until this past week. Meet Clare Vivier.

I love the bright colors and the simplicity and how I can picture any one of these bags sprucing up an outfit and taking a look from day to night. A few days ago, I filled my online shopping cart and was ready to drop the $468 it would take to get the bare minimum of bags I want. Then I woke up and realized I don’t have $468 plus shipping to spend on clutches, no matter how cute they are. So, while I scrimp and save and wait to buy one, I will have to make due with this:

I made it! I based the construction off of a bias tape zipper bag tutorial in the Purl Bee. I made it bigger and added some interfacing and lining for support and cuteness. The inside is black, outside is gray and zipper is white, which gives it a nice, clean look, I think. I’m looking forward to picking up some more zippers and making more in different colors/sizes soon!

Some weekend looks with my new cool bag.

Ways to dress it (and PS I Made This’ hair accessory) up professionally tomorrow!

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Day: black on top, white on bottom.

Night: White on top, black on bottom.

You cant tell, because it’s hard to fit both tall hair and tall shoes in one mirror, but my hair is a top knot. Make up is cat eye.

Show me yours? Email me at, tweet me @rclnudson, or leave a comment down below or on Facebook.

Fall office wear

“I tried to get crazy for fall. Really, I did. This morning I tried layering two tank tops and a vest. I even tried multiple scarves. But I felt like I was still too casual to work. Can you recommend some crazy-for-fall-but-still-professional-enough-for-the-office layering ideas?” — Commenter Jewels

Great comment, Commenter Jewels! Here are some ideas for fall office wear.

  • Like a T shirt? Got an outfit you love but aren’t quite sure about for work? Throw a blazer or light jacket over it. Roll up your sleeves if you want, and let the underneath layer show.

  • If you have some open-toed shoes you aren’t quite finished with, throw on some black tights or cute socks before the weather gets too cold and you have to close-toed everything.

  • On the flipside of that, got boots or booties you are already ready to rock? Throw them on underneath a skirt or cropped pants and show them off before it gets too cold to show off anything.
  • For winter, I like to use the biggest scarf I can find to bundle up, but that is usually too bulky for inside wear. Get a light scarf or pashmina to throw on to keep the chill off at your desk. This is also a fun way to play with color and patterns.

  • Got a great sleeveless dress? Throw a button up on underneath it to keep it ready for work. Got a colored shirt and a colored dress? Even better, my color-blocking friend.

  • I also like to do this with shirts or sweaters. A collar poking through can add a little bit of professionalism to basics already in your closet.

Mix and match any or all of these ideas in your look to layer it up for fall. This is just a place to start, got any ideas? Want to show me your look? I’d love to hear and see them! Email me at, tweet me @rclnudson, or leave a comment down below or on Facebook.

    Birthday fun (not mine)

    It was my nephew’s birthday this past week (also my Dad’s, big birthday week for us). Unfortunately, I don’t live by either of them, but if I did and I was running from work to a kid’s birthday party, this is what I would do.

    Believe it or not (ok, it’s not hard to believe) that is a sleeveless dress with a black shirt underneath it. You know, for when you aren’t quite done with that summer-time dress. I actually like the way it looks with this one, sort of geometric. For the party, I would take off that dress and don:

    Those pants. Thanks, Polyvore. Ok, I cheated and am demonstrating with my fantasy closet again, but only because I don’t own those Rag & Bone jeans in real life (even though I’ve been wanting them for months. MONTHS.) Same shirt—all you have to worry about is throwing your dress in your bag and putting on a fun pair of jeans. Instant style, no? And you need jeans and flats when you are at a three-year-old’s birthday party so that you, too, can join the bounce house. And/or tag playing. And/or whatever it is three-year-olds do at birthday parties. (If your nephew is anything like my nephew, you will end up playing hide and seek over and over again, as he hides in the same spot.)

    The thing I like best about this trick is how different you can look with just one item of clothing. And it’s easy to carry and easy to change into.

    Transitional dressing

    You know that in-between time, when summer is leaving, and you haven’t switched out your winter and summer clothes, and you aren’t sure if its going to be warm or cold or how many layers you should be wearing? This is that time. Run with it. Use it as an excuse to do crazy things that don’t make sense in any other season. Like wearing scarves with tank tops. Or wearing knee socks and shorts. Or gloves with a T shirt. See below.

    Work it:

    OK, I don’t have a cape, but if I did, I probs be wearing it. I had to make do with a sweater draped over my shoulders, but that’s cool—I like the look. Wide leg pants, my favorite most versatile tank, my layering necklaces (that I plan on adding to), and fun shoes peaking out below.

    Go run those errands:

    Heyyyy, socks with shorts. Tank top and sweater stay the same, switch the bottoms and add a scarf. I also switched the fun shoes for ballet flats, ‘cause errands require quicker feet.

    Your turn. Email me at, follow me @rclnudson, and I’m trying this Facebook thing, I hear it’s popular.

    I kind of have a thing for fur. I know, I know, it’s bad. And expensive. So that’s why I’m so intrigued by this PS I Made this post. Looks easy, right? And can add a little bit of glamor to any outfit if you don’t mind also sort of looking like a stuffed animal. (I don’t mind.)


    Fur-get about authentic pelts!  Fakes are Faux-real! Everyone should have a furry luxe vest in their wardrobe, no ifs ands or buts about it. With a trip to your local fabric store and your trusty scissors, you will have chic traffic-stopping outerwear in minutes!

    Get approx 1-2 yards of faux fur fabric, lay out on a flat surface. Cut a large circle.  Measure the width of your shoulders and make two narrow openings in the center.

    Brooch it!  Belt it!  Bear it!